Antonio Inoki exclusive management, personality rights, trademark rights, and copyrights


About copyright and other intangible property rights of Antonio Inoki

Antonio Inoki owns the usage rights to all photographs, pictures, images, likenesses and illustrations of himself and other copyrightable material created by him or in his name.
Antonio Inoki also claims personality rights to images and likenesses of himself created by others. Accordingly, such figures, photographs, illustrations, and so forth may not be used for commercial gain or publicity without express permission.
Unauthorized use of Antonio Inoki’s personality rights is forbidden in consideration of his status as an extremely well-known personality and the commercial value of his image, name, etc.

In principle, all photographs and illustrations of Antonio Inoki are protected by the Copyright Act.
Any unauthorized use of photographs, pictures, images, illustrations and other intangible property of Antonio Inoki in broadcast, print or Web media and any other public display conflicts with Antonio Inoki’s copyright and publicity rights.

To request permission for image usage, contact Coralz (the company managing Antonio Inoki’s publicity rights).

Antonio Inoki’s catchphrases and well-known utterances, such as “Tōkon,” “Moeru Tōkon,” “Genki desu ka,” “ichi, ni, san, DAAAAHHHH!!!,” “Anton,” “Inoki-ism,” “Inoki bom-ba-ye,” “Bom-ba-ye,” “Inoki Matsuri,” and his Michi poem, “On your way, don't fear what might happen. If you fear, there will be no way,” are all trademarked by Coralz. Unauthorized use is forbidden.
To request permission for usage, contact Coralz.

Coralz is the exclusive manager of Antonio Inoki. Use the inquiry form for inquiries regarding requests for appearances in commercials, at events and similar.

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