Antonio Inoki exclusive management, personality rights, trademark rights, and copyrights


Corporate Profile

Coralz Co., Ltd.
Kanji Inoki
Commercial activities
Management of athletes and celebrities
Acquisition and management of licensing agreements and management services for trademark rights, copyrights, publicity rights, design rights or other rights related to content
Publicity, planning and advertising for entertainment and sports
Planning, production, and sales of celebrity images, publications, and photo anthologies of athletes and celebrities
Original product development, planning and management, and consultation and sales
Planning, production, and sales of videos, CDs, DVDs, and other digital publications, books, magazines and other printed materials
Examples of use of copyright licensing, and management services
Antonio Inoki, Antonio Inoki (katakana), “Anton,” “Inoki-ism,”
“Bom-ba-ye,” “Tōkon,” “Moeru Tōkon,” “Genki desu ka,” “ichi, ni, san, DAAAAHHHH!!!,” “Tōkon Matsuri,” “Inoki Matsuri,” “Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye,”
Michi and Michi poem — “On your way, don't fear what might happen. If you fear, there will be no way,” and all other intangible properties of Antonio Inoki